Pasco County, Florida -- Police say a homeless man has died after he was beaten by at least two teenage boys earlier this week.

Frank Randolph was found lying on a mattress in the wooded area at the corner of Kentucky Avenue and Congress Street and appeared to be dead.

He was reportedly covered in urine with numerous injuries --including a broken collar bone -- and showed no signs of movement. However, a detective realized Randolph was still alive and rushed him to Northbay Hospital.

At the hospital, Randolph was able to tell investigators he was attacked while lying on the mattress. He said three young males threw logs, concrete, sticks, and urine at him. Randolph was even able to identify one of the subjects.

This led to the arrest of 17-year-old Brandon Youngerman and 15-year-old Anthony Phillips, both students at Gulf High School. Youngerman was previously arrested for fighting and threatening to kill an officer and blow up the police station.

Randolph died at the hospital on Saturday, June 29.

The New Port Richey Police Department says it's waiting for an autopsy before determining if charges against the teens will be escalated.

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