EGYPT LAKE, Florida - The parking lot of the Carlton Arms Lakeshore Club Apartments may have looked dry Friday afternoon.

But residents say when the rain starts to fall, it doesn't take long for water to fill the parking lot and start spilling into apartments.

In the most recent case, on Wednesday water got into almost every ground floor unit in multiple buildings near the front of the complex.

PICS: Here's what happens when it pours!

"It's just been very hectic," said Romona Ferreire. It's nowhere to live. Water comes inside the closets, through the pantries and the cabinets. I have sandbags in the back but they don't seem to be working."

And Ferreire says it wasn't just her apartment. Her car was flooded too.

"Oh it's all soaked in here and its starting to smell now," said Ferreire dumping a handful of water out of her back floorboard.

Residents blame the problem on faulty storm water drains within the complex.

"It's still pretty backed up there," said Ryan Lizaro looking down into one of the drains.

Residents who have lived in the complex for years say rain was never an issue until last summer. Since then, many say their apartments have flooded four times.

"It has never been like this," said Ferreire. "It just rains and the water comes in and it's just terrible."

"It's really nasty and the smell is horrible," said Lizardo who showed us how the water got up to ankle deep in his apartment.

Neighbors have had to rip carpet out as mold has started lining the walls. Other residents provided us photos of mushrooms growing in their apartments and sewage backing up into the showers and toilets.

We asked Lizardo what was being done by the apartment complex to get some of the issues corrected.

"Nothing," he replied.

Another resident provided us with a letter sent out to residents.

"The office keeps sending papers saying they're not responsible for nothing," said Ferreire. "Everybody is just very upset. We've got a bunch of people breaking their leases. I'm getting ready to break my lease too because this is no way to live."

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