Tampa, Florida - Tampa Fire Rescue units were called to the Post Office at 1900 East 12th Avenue in Ybor City on Monday, whereemployees reported a package leaking an unknown chemical.

Employees moved the leaking packageoutside,and one personwho came into direct contact of the package complained of somemild irritation to his hands.

Local first responders began decontamination of employees as a precaution, but testing eventually determined the substancewas eucalyptus oil.

Tampa policetell us"the hazards for an exposure to this liquid could be skin irritation or rash. Also, exposure can lead to asthma-like symptoms. After identifying the chemical, there will be no transport of any of the employees to Tampa General Hospital."

One person was treated on-scene for a mild asthma attack, and another person was also treated after getting some bleach in his eye.

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