PORT ORANGE, Florida (WKMG) --Amanager at the Golden Corral in Port Orange was fired after a video wasposted to YouTube showing food being stored next to a Dumpster during anapparent inspection.

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Inthe video, a man identified as Brandon Huber says the restaurant wasundergoing an inspection as he walked to the dumpster area.

"Apparently, what my company likes to do to get ready for inspections is put their food by the dumpsters," he says.

Thevideo, titled "all you can eat ribs" and posted to YouTube on July 1,then shows uncooked hamburger patties, ribs and other foods in the dumpster area. Flies can be seen hovering over the hamburger meat.

Afterbeing contacted by CBS affiliate WKMG Local 6, Golden Corral released a statement,claiming Huber's father tried to blackmail the restaurant with thevideo.

"None ofthese items were served to a single customer. All were destroyed withinthe hour at the direction of management. Brandon Huber, the employeewho made the video, participated in the disposal of the food. Thefollowing day, the father of the employee posted an offer to sell thevideo for $5,000, which was not accepted. The manager involved in theimproper storage was terminated for failing to follow approvedfood-handling procedures," Golden Corral said in the statement.

The name of the manager was not released.

As of Monday afternoon, the video had amassed more than 280,000 views on YouTube.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Huber has been arrested numerous times and is currently on probation after serving time for burglary.

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