(Des Moines Register) -- Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor reported the theft of $36,600 worthof musical equipment on Sunday afternoon, according to a West DesMoines police report.

Two bass guitars once owned by deceased Slipknot bassist Paul Gray,who died of an overdose in 2010, were included in the list of stolenitems on the report.

Taylor told police that a friend stole musical equipment when Taylorand his wife were in Europe on a month-long tour, from which theyreturned late Saturday. Taylor joined the Des Moines-based metal band in1997.

A friend told Taylor's wife that she believed the suspect had beenstealing musical equipment from the couple's West Des Moines home andstorage units, according to the report.Another friend became suspiciouswhen he heard the suspect asking to buy equipment back from a localguitar store, the report said.

A third friend was able to identify some of Taylor's equipment at theguitar store, the report stated. The store's manager is storing some ofthe stolen items and working to track down other equipment that wasalready sold.

The Taylors have recovered some of their stolen property, Lt. JimBarrett of the West Des Moines Police Department said Monday afternoon.Barrett did not say how much or which items were still missing.

Police told Taylor to change the locks on both his residence andstorage units.No charges in the case had been made as of Mondayafternoon, Barrett said.

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