The Bucs added superstar cornerback Darrell Revis. They drafted lineman to help replaced departed stars. Josh Freeman will certainly be motivated in the final year of his contract.

And yet, one highly respected football website says the Bucs are the 24th-best team in the NFL. If you're counting, that also means 8th-worst. ranks teams like the Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins ahead of Tampa Bay. The Dolphins and Bucs finished with the same number of wins (7). The other three were worse in 2012.

Adding Revis, young, promising draft picks and having a motivated quarterback are not guarantees that you'll be a playoff team - but the CHIEFS? They won TWO games last season.

What do you think, Bucs fans? Are the Bucs that bad? Or is this a ridiculous ranking? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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