Lakeland, Florida -- 10 News has learned two more Lakeland Police officers have lost their jobs for their part in a widespread sex scandal.

The scandal involves nearly a dozen officers after a civilian crime analyst detailed trysts with the men in police and fire stations, patrol cars, motels, and even in a parking lot after a memorial service for a slain officer.

Sue Eberle told officials she had consensual and sometimes coerced sex with the officers and a firefighter, and that she once was propositioned by a city worker. Eberle's accounts were largely corroborated by her sexual partners and others within the police department, and published in a graphic report by the county's top prosecutor.

On Monday,

two sergeants were fired and another resigned

. A day later now, two more have reportedly resigned.

Lt. Al Wilson resigned in lieu of being terminated, although he claims he retired. Wilson was on the job for 21 years.

Officer George Vidal resigned after a disciplinary hearing, and had been part of the police force for 17 years. Both men were involved in the sexual misconduct case.

The sustained violations are listed for each Officer:

1. Lieutenant Albert R. Wilson, 45, employed since 7/6/92. (Resigned)
a. Conduct Unbecoming
b. Member's Duty to Report Misconduct
c. Neglect of Duty.

2. Officer George Vidal, 64, employed since 10/21/96. (Resigned)
a. Conduct Unbecoming
b. Member's Duty to Report Misconduct

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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