By: Holley Sinn

Verdict: Approved

When considering possible heroes, one might think "snail" probably wouldn't be the first thing to come to mind. But, paired with the seemingly impossible dream of racing in one of the world's most celebrated automotive races, suddenly a snail seems a likely choice. The latest animated feature from DreamWorks explores a time-honored topic: dreaming big against all odds, but it also encompasses a study of the less often visited relationship between brothers. With clever dialogue and all-star voice talents, "Turbo" isn't the best DreamWorks has ever conjured, but it will hold its own with adults and little boys all over the world.

"Turbo" stars Ryan Reynolds as Theo, a garden snail with a dream of one day being the fastest snail in the world. His brother, Chet, voiced by Paul Giamatti, is constantly urging Theo to get his head out of the clouds and back into his work at the tomato plant where Theo's daydreams are constantly getting him and his fellow mollusks into danger. After a particularly terrible day of being ostracized by his fellow snails, Theo wanders off only to find himself tossed into an underground drag race where he comes away super-charged and super-fast.

When Theo uses his new super powers to save his brother from a crow's clutches, both snails find themselves in the hands of a taco truck operator named Tito, voiced by Michael Pena. Tito and his friends at a strip mall in L.A. like to race snails afterhours, and when they see what Theo can do, they start devising a plan to finally bring a little attention to their struggling business complex amid protests from Tito's brother Angelo, voiced by Luis Guzman. One day it's business...or lack usual, and the next day, the friends are on their way to the Indy 500 with the first ever shelled entry.

With supporting voice talents like Samuel L. Jackson, Maya Rudolph, Ken Jeong and Snoop Dogg "Turbo" is a fun and witty examination of dreams and how important it can be to have support from those closest to us. With slick animation and fast moving action (despite the fact that this film is about snails...) "Turbo" is a heart-warming, entertaining little film about being yourself against all odds.

"Turbo" is rated PG, and it opens in theaters all over the bay area this Wednesday.

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