Tallahassee, Florida - The George Zimmerman trial is prompting a state lawmaker to push for larger juries in felony cases.

Rep. Randolph Bracy says he was surprised by the not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman. Now he wants state lawmakers to debate his idea to expand juries.

Florida is one of only two states that don't require a 12-person jury for felony trials. The other is Connecticut.

Bracy says six-person juries -- like the one in the Zimmerman trial -- don't represent an accurate cross section of Florida.

He plans to file legislation to increase the number of jurors in felony trials because he thinks justice would improve with more perspectives.

"When you have more jurors you have more people from different backgrounds looking at a case and so I think it's more representative of a community. I really think that it's time for Florida to get in line with the rest of the country and change this law from six jurors to twelve."

Bracy says constituents have been asking him for months to pursue a bill expanding the size of juries and the Zimmerman trial convinced him it was time to take action.

Florida uses 12-person juries only for death penalty cases.

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