LAKELAND, Florida -- Well over 200 people gathered for a special town hall meeting at the Lakeland Center to get an update from city leaders on the investigation into alleged misconduct within the Lakeland Police Department.

Lakeland City Manager Doug Thomas opened the meeting with a full update on officers under investigation and his "two pronged approach" to make sure similar misconduct isn't repeated.

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"You as a community are asking appropriate questions as to how this could have occurred," said Thomas. "I can assure you as city manager we have those very same questions."

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A number of residents brought up concerns and questions about how the entire sex scandal has been handled and why officers were being allowed to resign while still keeping their pension.

Others, while embarrassed over the city's black eye, seemed supportive of Police Chief Lisa Womack and seemed eager for the city to move forward.

Brenda Crispin is the sister of Lakeland Officer Arnulfo Crispin who was gunned down in December of 2011. She says the city needs to quickly move towards healing.

"Instead of judging the department as a whole, we just need to stand together and overcome this and let Miss Lisa Womack do the great job she has been doing."

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