Los Angeles -- Whale watchers off California almost turned into lunch for some hungry humpbacks.

On Saturday, divers near Morro Bay had a scary brush with the giant mammals. The surprise encounter was caught on video.

The video showstwo humpback whales -- each five stories tall, and weighing 50-tons or more -- breach the surface, gulping down krill and small fish... and almost swallow two divers.

Shawn Stamback was nearly in the belly of the beast. "It's like two mountains erupted out of the water in front of me," he recalls.

"And whales, the size they are... you're just a fly on the windshield," adds Jay Hebrard, who shot the video.

Hebrard, Stamback and diving buddy Jeremy Bonnet have traveled the world seeking adventures at sea. They swam with dolphins in Tasmania, saw extraordinary sea life in Honduras. They never imagined their greatest adventure would be two and a half miles off the coast they call home.

In hindsight, the signs were all there.

"The water started to boil and that was when all the little anchovies, sardines started coming up," says Hebrard.

"I really didn't register that boiling fish means there's a predator coming," says Bonnet. "And not two seconds later, two huge whales come up right next to the boat ... if I wasn't laughing, I would have been screaming. I'd never seen Shawn swim so fast in his life."

"A three foot difference, one diver would have been in the mouth of the whale," says Hebrard.

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