Who in the world (or at leastthe Bay area) would ever need a professional pooper scooper service? More importantly, why would anyone ever pay for this type of service?

Those are two questions I wanted to know when I did the job of a professional pooper scooper. I found out that there's actually a nice list of people, including:

  • The elderly
  • People who are not physically able to bend over
  • People who literally get sick of the smell of dog poop
  • Families that have kids who want to play in the yard
  • People who just don't have time to pick it up themselves
  • People (who after researching) realize poop isn't good for yards
  • People whohave it set up fora family member

And believe it or not, there is a lot that goes into doing this job. What type of scooper will you use? What are you going to use to pick up the poop? How much will you charge? Where do you put the poop once you get it home? Do you have a plan when you do a yard with a dog or dogs? Do you have something to clean your tools off after each house?

For more information, check out Yard Guards on Doody.

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