Bradenton, Florida -- A man was arrested after approaching a 12-year-old girl in a library and saying he had a way for her to make money.

According to reports, on July 24 the girl was in the South Manatee Library when she was approached by Erick Ray. Ray asked her if she was bored, and she responded that she was.

Reportedly, Ray then asked her if she would like to accompany him outside, behind the library to "do a little work and make a little money." When the victim began to walk away from Ray he said, "Come on, come outside and do a little work and you'll get a little money, do a lot of work and you'll get a lot of money." The suspect then pulled currency from his pocket and waived it in front of her.

The victim walked away from Ray and notified an employee of the library who called 911. Ray was inside the library when deputies arrived. He was arrested and invoked his right to remain silent after being read Miranda.

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