NEW PORT RICHEY, Florida -- The target of a 10 News investigation is now out of a job.

Pasco Emergency Operations supervisor Philip Goodman handed in his resignation instead of being fired for sleeping on the job.

There is clearly a problem in Pasco County Emergency Operations, because we have done several stories about 911 operators falling asleep on the job, and what makes it worse is everyone we have reported on has been a supervisor. Goodman is the 4th 911 supervisor we discovered has been asleep on the job.

However, Philip Goodman will no longer be a problem for Pasco County. On Monday, he was handed a memo saying he was guilty of reporting to work or working while unfit for duty; guilty of immoral, unlawful, improper conduct or indecency either on or off the job; and sleeping during duty hours.

In addition to the incident we first reported on last week, when Goodman reported for work Sunday and Monday he fell asleep on the job again.

Goodman's supervisor recommended he be fired, but instead of showing up for a pre-disciplinary hearing, Goodman turned in his resignation.

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