Hernando County, Florida -- After a call from a citizen to check on a neighbor, deputies found multiple cats and a parakeet living in deplorable conditions.

On July 24, deputies responded to a request to check on Susan Kay at her home in Hidden Valley Campground. When deputies arrived, they found the lot to be completely overgrown with grass and plants.

There was an Airstream camper and a 10 foot by 10 foot tent on the lot. Reportedly, deputies determined that Kay was living in the tent as the camper was overrun with rats and insects and was deemed uninhabitable.

Inside the tent deputies found approximately 18 cats in cages and one parakeet.

According to reports, the cages were made of metal and normally weighed approximately 5 pounds. However, due to the large amount of newspapers and feces inside the cages, some of the cages weighed approximately 70 pounds.

An Animal Services Officer was called to the scene and determined this was a case of animal neglect. The officer removed all of the animals from Kay's custody after Kay signed a release.

Two of the cats escaped during the transfer process. A cat trap was set in case any of these cats are still in the area or return in the future.

Susan Kay was cited for 18 counts of Animal Neglect.

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