Tampa, Florida -- Two men attempted to rob another during a drug deal and ended up arrested for attempted murder.

According to reports, on July 19, Joshua Smolko received a call from Taylor Griffie asking him to come to bring Oxycodone to his home for him to purchase. While Smolko made his way to Griffie's home, Griffie planned on robbing Smolko with the help of Miguel Garzon.

Reportedly, Smolko had two friends drive him to Griffie's residence and wait outside. After being inside the home for a brief amount of time Smolko exited with multiple stab wounds to the left side of his body, including his neck. Smolko was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital by his friends.

Detectives responded to the hospital, interviewed the friends and then responded toGriffie'shome where Griffie had attempted to clean up the crime scene.

Griffie was arrested at the scene and Garzon was arrested on July 24. Both are charged with attempted murder.

Smolko is still in the hospital recuperating from his injuries.

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