Hillsborough County, Florida -- Twenty-five people in Florida were diagnosed with an intestinal infection called cyclosporiais. Cyclospora is a parasite, that gives you stomach flu-like symptoms.

"It can be like having the worst diarrhea of your life for days to weeks at a time, and if undetected and untreated it can cause death," said Hillsborough County Public Information Officer Steve Huard.

There have been three confirmed cases in Hillsborough County but they are not directly linked to the Center for Disease Control's cases. There are 378 cases nationwide, with the most in Iowa with 143 cases.

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The Hillsborough County Health Department said with its three cases there have been no identifiable food or origin, or distributor list; however, health investigators in Iowa are pointing at a commonality in cases there: pre-packaged salads mixed with cabbage and carrots.

"I did not buy that," said one Tampa grocery shopper. "I saw that on the news last night with my husband, so I made sure I did not buy those pre-packed salads -- no way! My husband even started to become paranoid, thinking he did not feel well after watching the story about it."

"I think we need to re-think how we shop and go to local and farmers markets to get our food," said another Tampa grocery shopper.

Huard said we cannot completely avoid contamination but he recommends, always washing even the pre-washed and triple-washed produce in your grocer's food section. He said to also stay informed with the latest from the CDC and also if you are not feeling well, and you're experiencing those stomach flu-like symptoms, go to the doctor, do not wait, and risk going without any treatment.

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