Tampa, Florida -- New, very tight limits are coming this year on the bags you're allowed to bring into Tampa Bay Buccaneers games.

Here's a look at thenew NFL bag policy the team is announcing Wednesday.

To be a great host this Bucs season, you'll need the right tailgating supplies for the parking lot: beverages, snacks, and a supply of one-gallon Ziploc-style bags.

The Buccaneers, University of South Florida Bulls, and Tampa Sports Authority are going to brief reporters Wednesday on the NFL's new bag policy that starts with the 2013 preseason.

The new limits are very restrictive, so heads up. What can you bring? Let's be clear -- just about everything must be clear, and it's limited to one medium-size bag per person plus a small clutch-style purse.

Each person can carry a clear plastic or vinyl tote bag up to twelve inches high by twelve inches wide, and six inches deep. Teams will sell those, or you can buy them elsewhere.

Another option is a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag.

Along with one of those options, you can also carry a small clutch handbag -- with or without a strap -- about the size of your hand.

Outside the stadium, security will create a second outer perimeter. They'll be looking for forbidden bags and turn you away before you even get up to the gates if you're carrying anything that's not allowed.

The NFL says that will help with one of the goals of the new policy: speeding up your entry into the game. Clear bags are a lot easier to inspect once you get up to the gate; you can also plan on being patted down on your way in.

The NFL says it was looking to revise its bag rules before the Boston Marathon bombing, but that event did shape how they came up with this mandate for clear bags.

Bags that are medically necessary will be allowed -- they'll get inspected at a separate entrance. Diaper bags are now banned, but the NFL points out your baby will be allowed to have their own clear plastic bag of stuff.

You are still allowed to bring things like cameras and binoculars. You can also bring a blanket or towel if you drape it over your shoulder.

The NFL has set up aclear bag web page and FAQ to answer detailed questions about the new league-wide policy.

We expect this to be the new standard rule for all events Raymond James Stadium, not just football, but we will make sure of that when we talk with the Bucs about the policy on Wednesday afternoon.

The NFL says it expects other sports around the country to follow this same model, so get your plastic bags ready.

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