Scottsdale, Ariz. (CBS5) --A woman who captured the national spotlight for transitioning from Iraq veteran to an Arizona Cardinals cheerleaderwas arrested recently forallegedly beating up her boyfriend, Scottsdale police said.

Megan Welter, 29, was arrested July 20 on charges ofdisorderly conduct, alleged assault and criminal damage, police said.

Scottsdale police on Thursday released video of an officerconfronting Welter's boyfriend and investigatingallegations he hadassaulted her.

Welter told officers she and her boyfriend went to a Scottsdale baron the night of July 19 and began drinking to celebrate her birthday,according to the police report. They had been dating for six months.

When they came home, she went to sleep, the report said. Welter awokeat around 3:15 a.m.and an argument broke out between the couple overpast relationships, the report stated.

Welter was upset that a girl had texted him about a dog,officerssaid. He told Welter that she still talks to her ex-boyfriendsand askedher to let him look at her Facebook page, police said. She grabbed herphone and threw it at him, the report stated.

Police said Welter "began hitting, scratching and pulling on hishair."The boyfriendgrabbed his cell phone and began recording theincident,according to officers.

When Welter called 911,police said sheclaimed her boyfriend hadsmashed her head into the wall.She toldofficers her boyfriend "hadpushed her down on the tile floor causing her to hit her head." She saidat some point he started to choke her,according to the report.

Welter said her boyfriend was a professional fighter and that hewould not leave the property, according to police.He later toldofficers he couldn't leave becauseWelter had cut up his driver'slicense.

When police arrived, the officer looked to see if Welter had sufferedany injuries and said he could find no "marks, bumps, or redness." Theofficer also said he could find no signs strangulation that would beconsistent with being choked.

The boyfriend said he never "hit, pushed or assaulted" Welter.

A forensics report later stated the boyfriend suffered a scratch tohis right upper arm. There was also an area of scratches on his rightupper chest. There were also scratches on his back, left shoulderandleft upper arm, the forensics report stated.

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