Pinellas County --A new school year means a new superintendent for Pinellas County Schools.

"The main goal is to get everyone pushing and pulling in the right direction," said Dr. Michael Grego.

This year is Dr. Grego's first with Pinellas County, but he expressed that he has plans to get the district heading in the right direction: adding more after-school programs, expanding math and science labs and boosting the technology department are all on the list.

Parents are on board and looking forward to the future and teachers share the same enthusiasm.

"The beginning of the year is always fun because it's a fresh start and you always have tons of ideas, and I already have many of my own," said Stephanie Keesee, a teacher at Meadowlawn Middle School.

Grego said that working together will make Pinellas a stronger school system.

"I feel that momentum, and we are building that momentum in Pinellas County," explained Grego.

Teachers head back to school next Monday, and students return on August 19.

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