Lakeland, Florida-- The on-going investigation of the sex scandal at the Lakeland Police Department has spilled over to city employees at the Lakeland Electric Power Plant, says a new report from the city.

The report was conducted by the City of Lakeland Human Resources department, and narrows in on the years between 1993 and 2005, when Sue Eberle worked as a City General employee.

The report alleges that within those 12 years, Eberle had sexual contact with six employees of the Larson Power Plant- two of whom have since been disciplined.

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The first is Bryan Fluke, who works at the power plant. According to the report, the city found he had a consensualsexual relationship with Eberle, but was untruthful in the city's investigation. He also had inappropriate e-mail conversations with Eberle using city resources while on the clock.

The second employee listed is Jose Diez, who they say was involved in inappropriate sexual conduct with another city employee, LPD Crime Analyst Tiffany Dwyer, outside of a break room at the Lakeland Police Department.

Dwyer previously resigned in May.

The city also confirmed that another city employee had sex with Eberle, but did not violate city policy because it was at his home.

The two employees facing discipline will each receive the recommended three-day suspensions without pay.

Lakeland officials launched their investigation into the LPD sex scandal months ago after Eberle accused several city workers of sexual harassment and abuse.

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