VENICE, Florida -- Police have arrested a man witnesses say exposed himself to women at a restaurant Saturday. He's also suspected of flashing other women earlier this week.

According to police, 50-year-old William Waldman of Deltona, Florida was masturbating in front of five women in the parking lot of Sharkey's restaurant on Saturday evening. One of the women called police. When they arrived, he took off, but other witnesses pointed officers in his direction. They caught up with him on the boardwalk on the north side of Sharkey's.

Waldman reportedly surrendered when officers displayed, but did not have to use, a Taser.

Sgt. Troy Krepau of the Venice Police Department said Waldman was initially charged with loitering and prowling and taken to the county jail. Additional charges are expected after police get witness statements and an arrest warrant for Saturday's incident.

Sgt. Krepau said Waldman matches the description of a man photographed exposing himself to a group of women on Venice Beach earlier in the week.

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