PLANT CITY, Florida -- School is back in session for students in Hillsborough County, butSaturdaytheir parents were the ones in school.

Four hundred parents signed up to attend aParent University event held at Plant City High School.

Melissa Erickson is the director of the Hillsborough Alliance for Public Schools. Her organization partnered with the Hillsborough County SchoolDistrict to put on the event.

Erickson said,"The goal here today is to get parents vital information about what's going on district wide in education so they can help support their students to be as successful as possible."

She said the most popular informational sessions for parents were the ones about, which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.Alot of parents also attended sessionson theCommon Core Curriculum, andhow to use the new computer system that allows them to communicate with their child's teacher.

Woodrow Samuel II, who is a parent and educator, said he thought the session aboutcollege and career planning for middle and high schoolerswas phenomenal.

"There are so many things that I learned, even as an educator, that I wasn't aware about, that you can do even in preparation even when they're that young," he said.

Additional Parent University sessions are planned for September 28 at Jefferson High School and October 26 at Gaither High School.

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