TAMPA, Florida -- Another resident of the Carlyle Apartments in Tampa is so frustrated by issues that she and her year-old child are moving out.

The 19-year-old said that over the last few months she has submitted at least 10 work orders for repairs that need to be done inside her unit, including one for a leaky toilet.

Days after some of the work was complete, another problem emerged.

"My ceiling in my bathroom above my shower is now caving in," said Sierra Hancock.

Hancock's mother noticed the sinking ceiling and decided to check it out on Saturday. She said her hand went right though the soaked drywall.

Another issue is behind the air conditioner access panel located inside that very bathroom. Hancock showed 10 News what she describes as mold buildup on the metal panel, and brown colored water leaking onto the bathroom counter top.

Sierra's mother has become so frustrated with the issues she approached management about terminating the lease and getting her deposit and last month's rent back, but said she can't.

"She paid a deposit and agreed to her contract part to take care of the apartment and do what she's supposed to do, but they won't hold up their end of the deal," said Dawn Wilson.

Sierra Hancock said the apartment is not safe for her daughter and she is now preparing to leave several months before her lease.

"It's not fair to anybody who paid the rent, and to pay to live in a house you can't live in, it's just not fair."

The office was closed on Sunday so 10 News could not get a comment for the manager. When we approached her for comment twice in the past two weeks, we were turned away.

City of Tampa code enforcement hit Carlyle Apartments with 18 code violations two weeks ago.

Inspectors are scheduled to make a trip back to the complex on Sept. 3 to make sure the repairs are made.

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