St. Petersburg, Florida --You've probably seen some of the concept art for the Lens pier, which St. Pete voters will approve or shut down on Tuesday.

But ask people in St. Petersburg what there is "to do" on the Lens pier and a lot of folks will admit they don't know.

PHOTO GALLERY:St. Petersburg's proposed Lens Pier

We want to show you what St. Pete is voting on -- what the Lens pier is all about -- so 10 News is taking you on a virtual tour of the Lens.

The Lens gives you the option to stroll on a walkway out over the water or ride a small trolley to the end of the pier and back.

TROUBLE VOTING?: Confusion remains over pier ballot language

Shady spots and benches dot the path out over Tampa Bay.

The Lens opens up to a marina with kayak rentals and boat docking.

An outdoor cafe will be sheltered by the canopy overhead, as will an ice cream stand and a bait shop near one of the fishing areas.

Step down by the water into a 285-seat amphitheater. It's here for teaching, concerts, weddings, and other events.

From there, follow a ramp upward or take an elevator to the overlooks. Face downtown St. Pete to take in the skyline, or turn around and gaze out over Tampa Bay.

The canopy and the water can be lit by artistic changing lights at night.

An elevated walkway brings you back to shore and onto the rooftop of a new, modern Columbia Restaurant built right where the pier meets the land.

In terms of things to do, the new pier will offer just about everything the existing pier does.

The only exceptions: The Lens won't have indoor, shopping mall-style retail spaces. And you'll park next to the pier and head out onto it -- you won't be able to drive your car and park on the pier itself.

Be aware, the language on the ballot Tuesday will be confusing. What you're really voting on is whether to kill the Lens project.

So if you want to scrap the Lens project, vote "yes." If you want to say no to shutting down the project and want to keep going with building the Lens pier, you need to vote "no."

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