Tampa, Florida-- If you're drafting for a fantasy football team soon, odds are you are eyeing Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Petersonfor your team.

"He is the golden goblet," said Josh Powers, a Clearwater resident with a brain full of fantasy football knowledge. "He's the winner."

After he rushed for over 2,000 yards last season, you don't need X-Ray vision to see that Peterson is a prized commodity for fantasy owners. Many of them will hold drafts this week in anticipation of the beginning of the NFL regular season which begins in less than two weeks.

"Last year was a good year," said Kyle Jones, who plays in a fantasy league with 11 other friends. "I won the championship."

Jones and his buddies are part of a growing group of football fans that not only enjoy the games on the field, but online as well. A recent estimate showed that over 35 million Americans claim to play fantasy football. That's nearly nine percent of the nation's population.

The explosion in popularity began about 20 years ago and is in full force as we head into the 2013 season in less than two weeks.

"I picked [Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman] up his rookie year and have been holding on to him waiting for him to really blow up," said Jones. "He's done well for me so far."

10 News Sports Reporter Bobby Lewis went to a fantasy football draft party this week to see what all the hype was about surrounding the online phenomenon.

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