Tampa, Florida -- The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is taking action against a target of a series of10 News investigations --the head of the Public Transportation Commission Cesar Padilla.

As we've reported, 10 News Investigators discovered Padilla worked on his college degree online while getting paid a six-figure public salary, gave himself a glowing evaluation and asked a commissioner to sign it and -- as we reported last week -- he was moonlighting as a Hillsborough reserve deputy sometimes taking sick time to earn the extra money.

However, Padilla will no longer be able to do that as Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee sent the embattled director a letter telling Padilla he failed to meet the requirements to be a reserve deputy.

In addition, Gee told Padilla he must turn in all his equipment and credentials, as well cease all law enforcement actions, as termination of his certifications is being reported to the Florida Department of Law.

But losing his certification could be the least of Padilla's problems. Sources say he is facing possible criminal charges for not reporting his extra income on a state financial disclosure form. In addition, his continued employment will be on the agenda when the Public Transportation Commission meets in three weeks.

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