Tampa, Florida-- She's 60-years-old, and got nailed with this message.

"Julia, let me know when, where. I'm downtown. My phone's about to die so hurry."

And this one.

"Hi, I saw your post. I'm interested. I'm in town for a business trip and I'm wondering if you're available."

These are sex texts, and they were sent to 60-year-old Nancy Caldwell, a secretary at a Tampa Bay elementary School, but Nancy didn't place the ad.

At first, she thought it was a gag, but it was no joke.

"I wouldn't answer the phone calls, so that's when I started seeing the texts, and I deleted them," said Caldwell.

But they didnt stop. Finally, Nancy had had enough and confronted one of the callers.

"'Where did you get this number?'- and that's when I was advised it was from Backpage," said Caldwell.

Nancy had no idea what was, so she Googled it and the revelation was shocking.

"From what I understand its like Craigslist that has an adult section and they have a Backpage site and that's what they do," said Caldwell.

Somehow, through a printing mistake, Nancy's number was listed in an escort ad. Making it worse, the picture associated with it was rather voluptuous, adding to the salacious nature.

Finally, after two months, and reporting it to the phone company and police, her number was changed and the calls stopped. It's a life experience Nancy could have done without.

"No. I don't think I want to talk to Backpage at all."

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