Tampa, Florida -- We all know drinking and driving is dangerous and has consequences. But students at Chamberlain High School got to hear another perspective -- what it's like to go away and serve time after a deadly DUI crash.

Attorney General Pam Bondi has teamed up with a young man she helped send to prison when she was a prosecutor more than a decade ago.Matthew Durrell served 12 years for DUI manslaughter after three families lost loved ones on Mother's Day weekend in 1995 in a one-car crash. Durrell admits he smoked pot and drank before he got behind the wheel and crashed into a tree.

Bondi says while she could lecture to teens, she thinks Durrell has a greater impact. She also says parents need to know the drugs of choice have changed, and they should talk with teens about the new Ecstasy known as "Molly", synthetic pot and Oxycodone in addition to drinking.

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