Lakeland, Florida -- The Lakeland Police Advisory Commission has released its preliminary report on its investigation into the recent sex scandal that has rocked the city's police department.

In the report, the advisory commission says they support Chief Lisa Womack for the following reasons:

  • She inherited most of the "sex case;
  • Focused early in her tenure on reporting and training, seeing a need for change;
  • As far as they can tell she enjoys significant support in and out of the department;
  • She has responded professionally and credibly to commission; and
  • Has been a significant "change agent"

However, they do say she has hurt herself for:

  • The infamous "cat and mouse" comment;
  • Not being aggressive enough in big picture communication;
  • For keeping Lt. Lehman on duty while under investigation

The commission also said Chief Womack and City Manager Doug Thomas could have helped themselves by adopting the "Grady Judd-style" of communication.

PDF:Interim Lakeland PAC report

The Commission also wants to design and administer an anonymous survey of all police employees to assess morale, attitude, and values within the department.

CLICK HERE to watch the full report on the City of Lakeland's website.

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