Tampa, Florida -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano is trying to explain the Bucs' last-second 18-17 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday.

The Bucs got off to a terrible start, with Josh Freeman's helmet communicator going out, and the Bucs committed two delay-of-game penalties and two false start penalties. Schiano said Freeman does have the freedom to call his own play if the communicator goes out.

And Schiano disagreed with the assessment that the Bucs were not prepared for the season opener.

"They were very prepared. I said it yesterday, maybe it was missed, I'm not sure that we weren't just a little too excited to play together," said Schiano. "New team, new group of guys, some additions. I think the guys were very excited to play. We made too many mistakes, for sure."

"I don't think we did enough to be ready for [the noise] and that's what I mean by it caught up with us," said veteran right guard Davin Joseph. "We were, our focuses were on the cadence and we needed to be able to go silent count. We weren't focusing on that so it caught up with us."

Then there were the 102 yards in penalties.

"They threw 13 flags. I don't mean to be a smart aleck, but the ones that are delay-of-games and that, we just discussed, the false starts, they're inexcusable. We can't do that stuff," Schiano told reporters. "The physical penalties, those we better be careful. We've got to play on the edge, that's the way we play. We've got to be smart about it. The strike zone is decreasing in the National Football League, and we've got to make sure we stay within the rules."

Schiano said he doesn't know if Carl Nicks will play Sunday against the Saints. He's still recovering from a MRSA infection.

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