Tampa, Florida -- Students living in off-campus housing near the University of South Florida are still struggling to sleep at night after Thursday's violent home invasions and string of rapes and attempted sexual attacks.

"Yesterday we both slept on the couch," said Lynda Nguyen, a senior biology major at USF. "My roommate and I just aren't comfortable sleeping upstairs yet."

Nguyen and her roommate live a couple hundred feet away from the apartment at Cambridge Woods where police say Charlie Bates tied up four men with duct tape and raped four women.

"I just cannot even fathom that someone could do that right across from where I live," said Nguyen.

She rarely locked her front door before Thursday night's violent incident, because she always has people coming in and out of their apartment to study, even late at night.

"Now I have been adamant about locking it and others locking it. He could have easily chose our apartment to come inside and attack us if we had been home, and normally we are at that time."

She said hopefully they will be able to sleep upstairs again, but for now they want to stay downstairs where they can see who is outside their windows and always watch to make sure when one of them leaves their home they make it to their car safely.

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