Tampa, Florida -- After about two hours, Hillsborough Fire Rescue crews successfully rescued aman whofell inside the hull of a ship in Tampa on Wednesday morning.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescuelearned that a man working near the engine room on the lower level of the ship fell down a flight of stairs. He only fell about five feetand was not seriously injured... but the platform he landed on was nearly 60 feet below ground level.

Ronnie Rivera from Hillborough County Fire and Rescue explained that the low level made it difficult to get to him.

"When the call came in we were concerned, because we weren't sure how far the patient fell inside the ship. So that was a concern to us, but when we got right on scene, we saw that the distance was not an issue. The issue was rescue effort," said Rivera.

The Hillsborough County Heavy rescue unit was called in and crews used a special rope apparatus to raise the man out. The process took two hours.

"This team is actually specially-trained for things like that. They train every day and they actually got to use their skills today," said Rivera.

According to Rivera, the man is not from the Tampa Bay area and the ship was passing through, either loading or unloading materials.

"He was in the engine compartment... so I believe he was a worker who works on the engine on the ship, so he was probably doing his duties and the accident happened," said Rivera.

The man was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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