Indian Rocks Beach, Florida -- For the second time in recent weeks, a dead hammerhead shark washed up on a Pinellas County beach.

The shark was found on Indian Rocks Beach Wednesday morning. It was not clear what killed the animal, but a long fishing line could be seen hanging from its mouth. City officials had the animal buried on the beach.

Last month a group of boys discovered a dead 10-foot-long hammerhead on Indian Shores.

Both hammerheads may have diedas a result of catch and release.

They each could have been "caught by a fisherman on thebeach or near the shore on a boat [and] they let it go, thought it wouldlive. It died and washed up on the beach," explained Brent Winner of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission after the first shark wash on shore.

Winner notes dead sharks washing up on shore on not uncommon in Florida. Hesays if you catch a shark while fishing, the best thing to dois simply cut the line. He says that will cause the least amount ofdamage or stress on the creature.

Some hammerhead sharks can grow up to 20 feet long.

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