Lutz, FL -- More than 1,500 miles from his home in Lutz, former NFL playerBrian Holloway gives a virtual tour of his summer house in upstate New York.

The place was absolutely trashed almost three weeks ago during a Labor Day party attended by 300 to 400 teenagers.

In a world of social media, Holloway could see it all unfolding in real-time.His 19-year-old son Brian, a sophomore at USF, caught wind of it from a friend on Twitter.

"At first I thought it was a joke and he was pranking me," said Holloway.

It was no prank.

They figured out the hash tagsand then watched in horror and disbelief: picture after picture and videos were posted on Twitter showing the destruction as it happened.

They also read messages of thecrowd scattering when the local sheriff's office showed up.

"I'm watching these tweets and I'm listening to them say, 'Oh what a great party, I can't believe how drunk she is. Look, we can't wake her up.' So they're tweeting all this stuff, and I'm watching this thing as a movie and I'm going, 'You gotta be kidding me!'"

Cops are now using that same social media to track down the kids responsible for the estimated $20,000 indamage.

"They just punched holes in the walls over here," said Holloway, pointing to a room in the house. But there's a lot more.There are several broken windows, graffiti, urine-stained carpets and stolen property.

But what really upset Holloway the most was the evidence of drinking and drugs.

As a motivational speaker these days, he quickly created a website called is posting the pictures to help ID the kids, and eventually he hopes it will enable him to reach out to their parents, and try to turn them around.

"I would feel sick if I had an opportunity to do something, and participate in helping save their child's life, and I did nothing," said Holloway.

But apparently not all of the kids' parents appreciatethe thought.

Holloway, who has eight children of his own, has gottenthreats from parents of some of the teenagers who are angeredthat he's publicizing the pictures.

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