Bradenton, Florida -- A huge hole in the road has Bradenton drivers taking a detour near 18thAvenue West and 59thStreet West.

The City's public works department said the road collapsed just after 5 a.m. on Wednesday.

The Public Works Director said he believes a joint in a drainage pipe had a leak in it and the more than seven-and-a-half inches of rain the county has seen since Monday caused the sand on top of the drain to get wet and force the joint to snap causing the road to cave in.

"I have seen pipe breaks before, but never a road collapsing," said Milton Dahler.

Dahler lives in the retirement home across from the "road washout".

"I'm from Pennsylvania and I have never seen this before," said Dahler of the15 foot by 20 foot hole that's 12 feet deep.

City crews used a drainage pump to bypass the water that can no longer flow through that pipe into the another pipe close by.

"Since it's been raining for three days, I thought, 'oh man, I hope that is not what everybody in Florida fears -- a sinkhole.' Especially close to where you live," said Chris Fletcher.

Fletcher has driven over this spot for eight years and has always noticed a small dent in the road but Wednesday morning on her way into work she said that dent noticeably felt bigger.

"It was a significant dip," said Fletcher. "I hope it's not a sinkhole."

City officials said they would monitor the hole the rest of the night. They also said it is stable and not expanding. They will have to wait until it stops raining to go into it and see if the drainage pipe joint was the exact cause of the road collapse.

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