Tampa, Florida-- The way teachers teach and students learn has changed. Today, schools are following the national Common Core State Standards- a set of rigorous standards designed to get students ready for college or a career.

Florida is one of 45 states that have adopted the CCSS phased in over the last three years. Minnesota adopted the English language arts standards.

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Alaska, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia have not adopted the new standards.

Information on CCSS

Florida Department of Education & CCSS

"The teacher is more of a facilitator, and learning is more student driven," explained Heidi Smith, kindergarten teacher at McDonald Elementary in Seffner.

One national set of benchmarks would have the same test for all students, and Florida is one of several states under a group called PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) creating that test that is set to be given next school year.

However, Governor Scott wants out, and wants to have Florida create its own test.

In a letter to the US Secretary of Education Scott said, "Unfortunately today, PARCC has become a primary entry point for the involvement of the federal government in many of these states and local decisions."

"I want to continue that focus on high standards, but we don't need the federal government intruding in our lives," Scott later saidin a response to reporters this week.

But he falls short of explaining how.

Smith has been teaching to the CCSS for three years and said one national test is more reliable.

"I'd like to see us move forward with PARCC. So when we do have students who transfer from one state to another, I have that common assessment," said Smith.

Plus, Florida's recent problems with its own FCAT have some wondering if it can be trusted to create yet another test.

"While there may be a confidence issue in the public eye, if they can trust our district and trust our schools to prepare our kids...Regardless I'm preparing my students to be college and career ready."

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