Tampa, Florida -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had a rough start this season at 0-3 which may have reflected in the stands. But Bucs fans now have something to cheer about.

The team announced Thursday that all seven remaining home games will be televised as they expect to sell the required 85 percent of tickets to lift a blackout.

In a statement released by the team Thursday, Buccaneers Co-Chairman Bryan Glazer said they are televising the home games to show their appreciation to the fans' for their loyalty.

Week after week after week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have failed to fill the win column and have had problems filling the seats at Raymond James Stadium, but changes are underway.

The team's quarterback Josh Freeman is out and Mike Glennon is in and fans will get to watch the remaining seven home games from home or at their favorite sports bar, like the Press Box.

"They play at our stadium, we should be able to watch them every game," says one fan who did not want to give out his name.

"They got to support their fans, that's why they do it," says another fan.

Nineteen of the last 24 regular season games have been blacked out due to low ticket sales and fans say lifting the blackout is one way to score with fans.

"I love it because how are you going to build a fan base if you can't watch the game on TV. Not everyone is able to afford to go to a game and it's great to watch on TV," saysBucs fan Alec Richardson.

And no blackouts help score points with local businesses.

"It means more money," says Heather Story, a bartender at the Press Box. "The more games televised the more people we will get in the door and be happy to see their team. We're a Bucs bar here."

Will more fans watching in the stands and on TV help the team on the field turn around its losing season?While some fans don't think the airing of home games will help the team on the field, others say it might make a difference.

"I think they're giving it their all. I feel a change in quarterback will get the team enthused and give [them] a little bit more confidence. We'll see what happens," says Alec.

The next home game is this Sunday at 1 p.m. against the Arizona Cardinals.

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