St. Petersburg, Florida -- If you've noticed the lower gas prices at the pumpand wondered how low will they will go, the expertssay this is probablyas good as it gets.

Say hello to gas for $3.00a gallon. It'slikely we'll never see gas again anywhere in the $2.00range.

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Drew Suttrich is the owner of Suttrich Landscape services. Heknows all about the cost of fuel cutting into the bottom line. Gasoline keeps them in business.

"We're using it for lawnmowers, edgers, weed eaters, blowers, tractors, and trucks."

Suttrichsaysit's his second largest expenditure next to payroll.

"We're constantly at the pump and we feel the pain all the time," he says.

While AAApredicts the national average of $3.00a gallon will likely stay that way for at least another 1,000 days, Suttrichsays it won't change the landscape of his businessbecause the cost of gas isstill high.He says he's not excited about where the cost of gas is right now.

"At one time I was optimistic, but now I just don't put anything past anybody.I keep seeing the prices go down and up. There's no stability."

Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA, says, "You know gas prices fluctuate for a variety of different reasons.There could have been hurricanes that have come through the Gulf that destroy oil supply. Various things with demand. I know that right now, September, is typically a time when gas demand goes down. The summer driving season just came to an end."

Meanwhile, Suttrichhas upgraded some of their equipment and he's incorporating more fuel efficient vehicles into their fleet. He says he's alsochanged the way he grows his business.

"We've focused on working in southern Pinellas Countyinstead of going all the way into northern Pinellas County."

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