Lakeland, Florida- Police Chief Lisa Womack got straight to the point during a news conference Thursday afternoon.

"You wanna know how I feel about it...FED UP!"

Chief Womack expressed her disgust in light of new allegations made against yet another officer, this time not involving consensual sex, but alleged sexual battery and stalking by Officer Julio Pagan while he was on duty with a gun.

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"He not only violated just the victim, he victimized the trust of every citizen of Lakeland," said Chief Womack of the allegations made against Officer Pagan.

Pagan joined LPD in 2011 from Bartow Police were he had a clean record. The father of a young son, he also served as extra security at the apartment complex where he previously lived.

"He stopped a couple of crimes out here just being off duty. So what I'm hearing now, I don't believe it," said neighbor Jamie Reed who lived in the officer's same building. "I was like 'WOW! Here we go again'; the chief is going through a lot of stuff right now and there's really nothing you can say."

"It's horrible, especially with him having a badge," said another neighbor, Robin Brazell, who would often see Officer Pagan while walking her dog throughout the community.

"It kind of really totally destroys your confidence in the Lakeland Police Department. It really does. It brings you down. I mean you're supposed to put your trust in them."

We were unable to reach the Mayor of Lakeland Thursday night for his reaction, but we can tell you the Citizens Police Advisory Council will be meeting again Friday at City Hall with this new, much more serious issue to take up.

Police confirms the allegations made against Officer Pagan are first degree felony's punishable by up to life behind bars.

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