St. Petersburg, FL -- Win or lose, the Tampa Bay Rays will play at least Game 3 and a possible Game 4 at the Trop next week.

This has created lots of excitement and buzz in the Bay. The mayor of St. Pete even proclaimed this October as the "month of the Rays."

"We hereby proclaim October 2013 to be 'Celebrate the Rays Month,'" said Mayor Bill Foster.

Fresh off a Wild Card win against the Cleveland Indians, the Rays are one step closer to a shot at the World Series.

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"This team has energized the community. This community is energized, loves the Rays and this is a real treat for the entire Tampa Bay area," said Mayor Foster.

The Rays have made the playoffs four times over the last six years and next year marks 100 years of baseball in St. Petersburg... though the debate around moving the stadium because of poor attendance still lingers.

Mayor Foster quickly shot down any talk about relocating the team and said right now, it's all about the playoffs. Something his fellow council members agree with.

"We also need to encourage our neighbors over in Tampa the Howard Frankland Bridge it's open, it's safe, it's a bridge. Just get over it and support our Rays," said councilman Jeff Danner.

The Rays have struggled with low attendance during the regular season. The big question now: will ticket sales rebound when the Rays return home next week?

"We are behind them 100 percent. I don't think that we should just celebrate when they do good, we should celebrate the good and the bad and the ugly. This is our team," said councilman Wengay Newton.

Single game tickets for game 3 and 4 at the Trop go on sale online Friday afternoon.

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