New Port Richey, Florida -- Negative ads seem to get worse every time there is an election and now a race for House District seat 36 in Pasco County is the latest to use what Mike Fasano says are flat out lies.

Newly-appointed tax collector Mike Fasano tells 10 News he was surprised and stunned by the most recent mudslinging in the heated race for his vacated HouseDistrict 36 seat.

"It's very disappointing to see any mailer that has my name attached to it that has misinformation and pretty much lies against Amanda Murphy -- turns me off big time," says Mike Fasano.

Fasano is referring to a mailer sent out by Citizens for Fairness, a third party political group out of Melbourne, Florida.

Fasano says the group represents the Republican Party of Florida and attacks Democratic candidate Amanda Murphy. The mailer states Murphy is taking money from the insurance and utility companies that Fasano fought against.

"If you probably dug deep enough, you would find that this group that sent out this very, very poor taste of a mailer against Amanda Murphy is itself being funded by the insurance industry and by the utility industry," Fasano says.

Fasano adds he asked both candidates to run on their merits and not to use his name during the campaign.

"I don't understand. I thought it was very clear what we were going to do and we both should be able to stand on our issues," saysAmanda Murphy.

"I don't know anything about the group. I don't know anything about the mailer. I've been attacked, my opponent has been attacked and I think it's part of the atmosphere of our political culture today," saysBill Gunter.

"In this case, Citizens for Fairness -- they, the [Republican] Party, and Mr. Gunter new exactly what was happening and what was being mailed out," saysMike Fasano.

Mike Fasano went on to say it is imperative the Pasco County voters don't let the special interests in Tallahassee or third party groups decide who wins this election on Oct. 15.

Mike Fasano has not yet publicly endorsed a candidate for this race, but he did say if he sees the campaign continuing down a road he doesn't like, he will likely come out in support of a candidate.

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