(USA TODAY) -- A Muslim woman is accusing the popular TGI Friday's casual diningchain of tricking her into eating a food that her religion forbids:pork.

The chain, which has nearly 1,000 locations worldwide andwhich recently undertook a brand face-lift with a menu upgrade andrestaurant renovation, says in a Facebook post that it is investigatingher claim, noting, "we don't tolerate discrimination in any form."

Nicole Queen, who converted to Islam, initially told her story on Facebook, which was then published by The Muslim Voice blog.

Accordingto her story, last weekend at a TGI Friday's in Garland, Tex., sheordered a cobb salad but requested that her waiter remove the bacon.The waiter agreed, she says, but didn't appear happy about the request.

Next,Queen says, a different server, who replaced her waiter, offered a freerefill on her tea. Queen says she thought this was some sort ofapology, but when she sipped the tea, her mouth filled with bits ofbacon.

"I knew right away that it was bacon," she told the localABC affiliate WFAA. "And I knew right away that it had been placed inmy straw because that was the the first thing that went into my mouth."

When she complained to the restaurant's manager, she says, he didn't believe her.

Commentingto WFAA, a TGI Friday's spokesman said, if Queen's accusation proves tobe true, it "would represent a gross violation of our values and thepromise we make to each our our guests."

On Wednesday, Friday'snational Facebook page posted this message about the incident: "We wanteveryone to have a great time at Friday's. We don't toleratediscrimination in any form. We launched an investigation around whathappened yesterday and will take appropriate actions and update as moreinformation becomes available."

Questionable employee actions havetainted the images of several major restaurants in recent years,including a Domino's employee who posted videos of himself grosslymishandling the food and a Taco Bell employee who posted photos ofhimself licking a stack of Taco shells.

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