(USA TODAY) -- Recognize the name Susan Bennett? If you own an iPhone and make use of personal assistant Siri, you've likely heard her voice.

In an interview with CNN,Bennett claims she is the voice behind Siri. "It seemed like everyonewas clamoring to find out who the real voice behind Siri is, and so Ithought, well, you know, what the heck? This is the time," Bennett tellsCNN.

According to her personal website, Bennett has over 20 years of experience doing voice-over work for companies ranging from Home Depot to The Cartoon Network.

So how did Bennett end up as Siri? She tells CNN she signed a contract with software company ScanSoft -- now known as Nuance-- to lend her voice to recordings for a larger database. Bennett thenentered the recording studio to read phrases and sentences for hours.Here's how CNN explains the process:

These snippets werethen synthesized in a process called concatenation that builds words,sentences, paragraphs. And that is how voices like hers find their wayinto GPS and telephone systems.

But it wasn't until acolleague pointed out the Apple iPhone 4S two years ago that Bennettlearned she was the voice of Siri. "It's obviously me," Bennett saysafter hearing Siri for the first time. "It's my voice."

AlthoughBennett says she's Siri -- and judging by CNN's video, it certainlysounds just like the personal assistant -- neither Apple nor Nuancewould comment. CNN also enlisted an audio forensics expert, whoconfirmed Bennett's claim as Siri.

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