LAKELAND, Florida- A brand new task force working to crack down on organized retail theft appears to have hit the jackpot on their very first set of arrests.

It started with a tip with detectives receiving information about stolen items from stores like Target and Walmart being sold on Amazon out of a home in the Jordan Heights neighborhood north of Lakeland.

Detectives sent in undercover deputies who say they made contact with 25-year old Timothy Sizemore, who not only offered to buy stolen merchandise, but bragged about his ability to circumvent store security locks.

Deputies say Sizemore was working with 35-year-old Kristine Hackett, who would then sell the items out of her home on the website

"They busted down the door and came in and arrested Kristy," said Donna Hackett, who tells 10 News she had no idea her daughter was selling allegedly stolen items out of her home.

"No I didn't! I knew she did Amazon, but I had no idea this was going on."

Donna invited 10 News cameras inside, where we found packets of DVDs still waiting to be mailed, and what Kristine referred to as the "Amazon Room" filled with shelves of Blue Ray DVD's, electronics, toys and other items possibly stolen.

"She goes to flea markets, she goes to pawn shops and this is what she did every free time she had."

Donna suspects her daughter started out with honest intentions, then got greedy.

"What made her get into this? Money hungry, and she was making an easy living."

As a result of this investigation the Sheriff's Office says it's closed out 20 different retail theft cases across Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk Counties. And detectives say the investigation in not over.

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