AMERICAN FORK, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) - Where was Ken to move it?

American Fork police ticketed a little girl's pink Barbie Jeep afteran officer noticed it in the road blocking a driveway, according to KUTV.

Two sisters, 7 and 9 years old, reportedly left the Jeep in thestreet after riding around in it. An officer saw the vehicle and placedit in their driveway.

When their dad woke up the next morning, he noticed an "abandoned vehicle tag" on the Barbie Jeep.

There was no fine or notice on the ticket, though.

"We would hope that people would appreciate the fact that we're therein their neighborhood and we're looking out for them and theirproperty," police told KUTV.

The girls say they've learned a lesson and will keep the Barbie Jeep in the garage from now on.

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