St. Petersburg, Florida - The old Sweetbay entryway is boarded up, but work has begun inside the Tangerine Plaza location for a new Walmart Neighborhood Market. And on Monday, the work of hiring employees also began.

City officials, business boosters, and Walmart representatives gathered to open a hiring center at 1201 22nd Street South. The new midtown grocery store needs to fill 95 positions.

"We have cashier jobs, customers service jobs, we have sales floor jobs, overnight stocking positions available," ticks off store manager Carl Spady.

And people were eager to apply for them all. Hundreds of people lined up outside the center to start the application process. Keyla Pinkney was first in line. "It mean a lot to me. That's why I got out here at 6:30," she said. "I'm ready to work."

Walmart does not give people from the neighborhood priority in hiring, but the center, which is open until December, does make it convenient for people to apply, especially for those without online access.

"I appreciate them doing it for the community, because a lot of people need jobs," said Javier Lawson, who already has a job but wouldn't mind taking on some more hours at the grocery store.

Sweetbay closed in February. Company officials at the time called the Tangerine Plaza location "underperforming." But Walmart managers expect to do well at the location with low prices drawing in customers. "We're going to be extremely competitive," said Spady.

The midtown Walmart isn't the only store hiring right now. Three more Walmart stores are opening in Pinellas soon and you can apply for all of those jobs online by clicking here.

The Midtown store at 1794 22nd Street South is scheduled to open on January 29th.