Lakeland, Florida - It's hard toeven begin to imagine the heartbreak Rebecca Sedwick's family feelsday in and day out despite Tuesday's arrests.

At theclosed down cement plantin Lakeland wherethe 12-year-oldthey call Becca took her life, a makeshift memorial of stuffed animals, a cross, and candles stand asa reminder of the tragedy that happened there in September.

Becca's lifeless body was discovered at the closed downCemex cement site at 315 North Eastside Drive. It'sin an industrial area which is normally pretty quiet unless a train barrels down the tracks nearby.

Her family says she wasbullied to the breaking point. They are so upset over her death that her parentsmoved from Lakeland to New Port Richey an hour awayto get away from the memories.

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Rebecca's mother Tricia says, "I could not stomach being in that area at all."

Tuesday afternoon Tricia, Becca's brother Cody, her stepfather Johnand sisterSummer gathered to talk to the media about the arrests that the Polk County Sheriff's Office made inBecca's case.

They wish something would have been done soonerand say the system failed them from the beginning.Tricia saidBecca told staff membersat Crystal Lake Middle School she was being terrorized but nothing was done about it.

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Tricia says, "Nobody took Rebecca's complaints of bullying seriously. They just said, 'you need to toughen up - adapt to new surroundings- develop a thicker skin."

Becca's parents took matters into their own handsby pulling their daughter out of the school. Theyhome-schooled her until she could start at a different school this year, but saythe bullying persistedand evenbecame worse.

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"I didn't think that she should have to have been removed from her school - the girls should have been moved not Becca because she wasn't causing the problems," Sedwick's stepfather, John said. "I also feel like she shouldn't have been snatched out of her social life so she reached out to the social networks to continue to have relationship with her friends."

Becca's parents deleted her Facebook page, butsay still the bullying persisted at Kik, Instagram, and Boxer until she took her own life.

Even after her funeral, Sheriff Grady Judd says the girls just refused to let it rest.

"For them to allow them to post these things - we do appreciate it because it helped with the investigation- but still, to let this stuff still be out there, it's just fueling the fire for other girls to say 'why should we stop bullying?'," John added.

And that's why Becca's mother is working on a project called SafeCircles, where parents can register online to have their children's social media sites monitored. Click here for a tutorial on how it works.

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