Melbourne, FL (Florida Today) -- A would-be burglar fell into the waiting arms of Melbourne police during a break-in at a pharmacy early Monday morning.

Accordingto a police report, officers were patrolling near the intersection ofParkway Drive Wickham Road at about 1:30 a.m. when they heard an alarmcoming from the CVS pharmacy at 3050 N. Wickham Road.

"Theofficers immediately relayed this information to other units andapproached the business exterior where they found an open access hatchin the drive-through ceiling," the release stated.

Officers reported seeing ceiling tiles moved inside the building near the pharmacy.

"Whilesecuring the perimeter and waiting for the K9 officer, the burglar fellthrough the drive-thru hatch and down to the officers waiting below,the report said.

Alex David McBride, 28, of Melbourne wasarrested "while wearing gloves and a ski mask, carrying a bag ofburglary tools and prescription pills," police said.

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