(USA TODAY) -- It has been too long since we have had a fun Tim Tebow trial balloon to talk about. And voila...

NFL: Around the League tweeted on Sunday, "From @MikeSilver: Rams have discussed signing Tim Tebow. Post to come."

Silver, an NFL Media columnist, in return clarified, "I believe it's unlikely they'll actually sign him."

There are two pieces to this: (1) That the team has even discussed it, and (2) that it is "unlikely."

The Rams' season is spiraling out of contention, if not control.Starting QB Sam Bradford was knocked out of today's loss to Carolinawith a knee injury. Back-up Kellen Clemens is hardly the answer (notthat Bradford was).

On top of that, the defense was leaky - they gave up more than 10yards per pass to Cam Newton (although they contained the Panthers'oustanding rushing game) - and the Rams were frustrated into a ton ofpenalties.

With the loss, the Rams dipped to 3-4, a distant third in the brutalNFC West. The Wild Card spot they were supposed to contend for will berough sledding - they sit behind a slew of teams.

Tim Tebow certainly wouldn't be their worst option, and - if nothingelse - it makes an otherwise mediocre season instantly must-see. (Hint:They might also want to try to get the ball in Tavon Austin's handsmore, too.)

The one silver lining to their season - that 2014 first-round draftpick they got from the Redskins for the RG3 pick - also took a hit, whenWashington picked up a win over Chicago, rather than continuing toflail.

The Rams need some hope. They might need a QB. They areunsuccessfully treading water at a point in the season where you'reeither showing improvement or making plans for 2014.

What better moment for Tebow Time?

Now, the gulf between a team thinking about Tebow and actuallysigning him - that's the "unlikely" part that Silver talks about - is asbig as it gets right now in the NFL. But the difference between theRams' pre-season aspirations and their iffy reality today isn't farbehind. The injury uncertainty around Sam Bradford only compounds theirproblems.

It might be a non-story, but it is Tim Tebow - expect it to eclipse every NFL headline except Manning's return to Indianapolis.

UPDATE: Sports Illustrated's Peter King tweeted: "StL1: Sounds like the Rams, if injury toBradford is as bad as feared, will have a QB-workout day Monday,w/roundup of the usual suspects," followed by, "StL2: You know: Leinart, Thigpen, Skelton--those types. Maybe, as @mikesilver said, Tebow. Not Vince Young. Not a a Jeff Fisher-match."

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